Mayors’ Race Senior Forum – Dr. Sheree Kwong See

Dr. Sheree Kwong See will be the moderator for the Mayoral Forum. She a professor in the Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept, and sits on the ESCC Board of Directors. Please save the date of Thursday, August 19th at 11am and send your questions for the candidates to Edmontonians will head to the polls in October to elect a new mayor and council. Find out about the platforms of those vying for the city’s top job and their views on the needs of older adults - in the upcoming Mayoral Candidate Seniors Forum, organized by the YEG Seniors Alliance and the ESCC.   This will be a virtual forum. SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday, August 19, 2021  Begins @ 11 a.m.  Online – registration details TBD  The participating candidates are: Kim Krushell, Michael Oshry, and Amarjeet Sohi. Others…

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Share Your Ethnic Cooking

Willie Wong will be doing FREE ethnic cooking presentations in July. He is focusing on Malaysian food and the meaning of some of the recipes. This is for the month of July. If you'd like to join this interactive class, you'll need to sign up on the website. Even if you miss the class, if you sign up, you can get the recording. Willie shares stories about growing up in Borneo and tells us what the food means to his culture. Please sign up and consider sharing your own recipes and background with us. Anyone is welcome to present their own ethnic recipe that we will post online. Just let us know what you have in mind and we can loan you the equipment. Also, if you have a smart phone, you can record…

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SAVE the Date Mayoral Forum

Thursday, August 19 at 11 am Online. Registration will be available next week. We are still taking questions for the mayoral candidates. Here's a chance to have your voice heard and to get answers about how the candidates view seniors and what the have to say about the issues seniors hold dear. We've already had a lot of great questions. Add your voice to the chorus! Hear with Mr. Sohi, Mr. Oshry, and Ms Krushell have to say about seniors and their concerns. Seniors helped build Edmonton. You are still an important part of the fabric our this City. Don't miss this chance to be heard!! Send questions to This event is sponsored by ESC, the WSAC, ICAN (The YEG Alliance) and ESCC.

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Looking for Stories about Your Family Recipes

We are looking for seniors and their families to share beloved recipes and the stories that go with them. Did your family have a recipe that meant something special because it is tied to your heritage or a special family tradition? Please contact ESC and we can make it possible for you to share that with others. We have the recording equipment or you can write up the recipe and the story to share on our website. Let's age together by sharing special moments from our past that we want future generations to know about. Email:

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When is ESC Opening?

So many of you have asked when ESC is opening because you are anxious to see each other. While we wish we had control over the pandemic, it is not over. We work within a continuing care facility that has to take extra steps to ensure the safety of their residents. As many of you know, the General lost 50 people to Covid, so they must act with the highest standards for duty of care. We are working with the General to ensure everyone is safe. One of the ways you can help with this is to get double vaccinated. As soon as the General gives us permission to open, it will take us several weeks to clean and prepare the spaces. We cannot ignore the fact that the Delta variant is spreading quickly…

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Vaccines and the Variants of Covid19

A Scottish study published in the Lancet medical journal on Monday showed that the risk of hospitalization from the Delta variant was approximately double that of the Alpha variant, especially in respondents with five or more severe medical comorbidities, e.g., diabetes, asthma, heart disease, cancer, and chronic kidney disease. Two doses of Pfizer or AstraZeneca‘s COVID-19 vaccine are nearly as effective against the highly transmissible Delta coronavirus variant as they are against the previously dominant Alpha variant, a study published on Wednesday showed. To protect yourself and your loved ones against Covid19 in all it's forms, continue wash your hands, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. The world is seeing the rise in the number of infections as the Delta variant takes a foothold. As we think out our neighbours, our first thoughts must be to protect them the same way we would…

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SCAM INSIGHTS – Seniors Scam Alerts

As many of you know, we are working hard on a Seniors Scam Alert website and soon we'll be sharing information on there, but until that is up and running I want to share some of the insights we are learning as we go through the process with the Edmonton Police Services and our wonder Focus Group Seniors. As we learn more about scams and scammers, we'll be listing it here, e.g., Scam Insights - Seniors Scam Alerts. This week's insight: Scammers have spelling and grammar checkers. Why don't they use it? Why do they send out information so full of mistakes? How to protect yourself? Delete any email that isn't from someone you know or whom you didn't contact. If it has mistakes, do not contact them. Answer: Because they know if the…

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The Variants of COVID19

There are variants of concern that are already in Alberta. While being double vaccinated will help guard against death and mitigate the illness caused by the variants, the vaccine is not 100% effective in keeping you from contracting COVID19 variants, e.g., the lambda and delta.

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Seniors Scam Alert

Update: The website is being built, the amazing focus groups have looked through about 75% of the content, so only a little bit left to do, and the Edmonton Police Service has reviewed and approved of the snapshots content, so it won't be long before we are able to put the educational components together. The quizzes are completed and we are working on the training manual for volunteers. If there are any volunteers out there who can help with working on the Scam Alert Volunteer Teaching Manual, please contact me at

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Questions for Mayoral Candidates

We are working on finding a date for a virtual Mayoral Candidate Seniors Forum. Our seniors have told us they want to hear from those running for Mayor about their views on the needs of seniors in the City of Edmonton. Do you want to hear about transportation? Accessibility on the sidewalks? Inclusion of seniors issues in their platforms? If so, please send your questions to This will be a free town hall just for seniors. We hope to have a firm date in the next two weeks, but we want to give you all plenty of time to submit your questions.

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