Zoom Update Might Affect Online Classes

Zoom's new Software Lifecycle Policy comes into effect on November and will prevent Users from joining Zoom sessions if they are using an outdated version of the software. As Edmonton Seniors Centre uses Zoom to conduct our online classes, this change will have an impact on anyone attending our classes. Therefore, we recommend updating your Zoom now to ensure you don't have any trouble once the change takes effect. Anyone running an end-of-life version after November 5, will not be able to join meetings (or Classes) via the Zoom Client and will be prompted to update, or join from the Web browser. Please note that they will also be ending support for the ChromeOS client and are asking all customers to migrate to Zoom’s Progressive Web Application (PWA). So there are 2 things that…

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Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 28 at 10:00 a.m. Although we were so close, we were unable to reach quaram at our last meeting in April. We are wanting to vote to change the bylaws so less attendance is required to reach quaram but we need your help to do so! To help incentivise members to attend we are providing the following: Everyone who registers & joins will qualify to WIN a whole month FREE of a class of their choice. There are 3 prizes to be won.You only need to JOIN, you DON'T NEED TO ATTEND. Prizes will be given away at the very beginning of the meeting, the moment we reach quaram. Then you are free to leave!You can join via the Zoom link or by phoning…

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Casino Event May 9 & 10

We are looking for volunteers to assist ESC's casino event on May 9th and 10th at the Starlight Casino in West Edmonton Mall. A variety of positions and times remain to be filled, so your help is vital to making this fundraising event a success. If you have already applied to help out, there is no need to re-apply as we will have your details, and have already reached out to contact you. For those of you who haven't already indicated an ability to help us, please do so and we will contact you to discuss what positions remain to be filled. A free meal is provided and ESC will be providing snacks and water throughout the days. So come on down to the Starlight and help us make this a star ESC event!

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AGM Rescheduled (again)

UPDATE: Win a free month of a class of your choice! All you need to do is join the AGM and 3 winners will be announced at the very beginning. We need as many members as possible to register for the upcoming AGM on Tuesday, April 26 at 1:00 PM. Fill out the form below to register: Loading…

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Covid cases have continued to rise in the UK, with an estimated one in every 20 people infected, figures from the Office for National Statistic suggest. All age groups are affected, including the 75s and over, who are due a spring booster jab to top up protection. Hospital cases are also rising, but vaccines are still helping to stop many severe cases, say experts. An easily spread sub-variant of Omicron, called BA.2, is now causing most cases. Recent easing of restrictions and waning immunity from the vaccines could be factors behind the rise too. Read more about the new BA.2 Variant.


Quick Facts from the Government of Canada

Seniors are the fastest-growing age group in Canada. By 2030, the number of seniors is expected to reach 9.4 million, representing close to one quarter of Canada’s population. Every year, tens of thousands of seniors have their Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) increased or decreased to reflect changes in their net income. This design ensures the benefits go to the most vulnerable seniors. As GIS benefits are calculated on the basis of the previous year’s income, any change in income in a given year will result in an adjustment of GIS benefits in the following July to June payment period. The targeted one-time payment will be issued to an estimated 183,000 GIS recipients and 21,000 Allowance recipients who received pandemic benefits in 2020 and who faced a reduction or loss of GIS benefits in July…

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Vancouver Police Warn Seniors of New Fraud

Financial abuse of seniors is a crime and at ESC we want to present information that can help prevent that from happening. Have a look at the article below: Vancouver police are issuing a warning and releasing surveillance video showing what they're calling an alarming new scam that tricks seniors into thinking their loved ones have been arrested and convinces them to hand over thousands of dollars. The scam was first reported to police Jan. 12, when a West Side couple in their 70s received a call from a man who claimed their nephew had been in a car accident and needed $8,000 to get out of jail, according to a statement from Vancouver police. The video shows a male suspect identifying himself as "Chris from the courthouse," arriving at the victims' door. When the couple…

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