Quick Facts from the Government of Canada

Seniors are the fastest-growing age group in Canada. By 2030, the number of seniors is expected to reach 9.4 million, representing close to one quarter of Canada’s population.

Every year, tens of thousands of seniors have their Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) increased or decreased to reflect changes in their net income. This design ensures the benefits go to the most vulnerable seniors. As GIS benefits are calculated on the basis of the previous year’s income, any change in income in a given year will result in an adjustment of GIS benefits in the following July to June payment period.

The targeted one-time payment will be issued to an estimated 183,000 GIS recipients and 21,000 Allowance recipients who received pandemic benefits in 2020 and who faced a reduction or loss of GIS benefits in July 2021. These payments will be issued by Direct Deposit on April 19, 2022; clients who have not signed up for direct deposit will receive a cheque by mail no later than the end of April 2022 and there is no need to apply. The vast majority (about 98%) of GIS and Allowance recipients are enrolled for Direct Deposit.

Bill C-12 amends the Old Age Security Act to exclude from a person’s income any payment under the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Act, Part VIII.‍4 of the Employment Insurance Act, the Canada Recovery Benefits Act or the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit Act for the purposes of calculating the amount of the GIS and Allowances payable in respect of any month after June 2022.