Investment scams on Social Media

What is Investment Fraud via Social Media? Social media gives us plentiful opportunities to connect to others and share content worldwide with ease. Con artists use these same social perks to promote fraudulent investment opportunities. Social media provides them with access to personal information to target potential investors and even create the illusion of a shared common interest. How Does Investment Fraud via Social Media Work? Using social media, fraudsters can contact many different people at a relatively low cost – they can create fake accounts, email addresses, and link their posts to a website, videos, or photos that make the investment look legitimate. The potential of anonymity on social media can also make it difficult to identify or find fraudsters using this medium to promote a scheme. If a scheme catches on in…

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Third Dose Vaccine Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Available for Eligible Seniors.Starting October 6, Albertans age 75 and older and First Nations, Inuitand Métis people age 65 and older can begin booking for a third dose atleast six months after their second dose. In addition, third doses are available on-site for seniors living in congregate care.Read more...

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Winter is Waddling Toward US

Learn to protect yourself in Edmonton's winters with snow and ice. How: Walk Like a Penguin• Bend slightly and walk flat footed.• Point your feet out slightly like a penguin.• Keep your centre of gravity over your feetas much as possible.• Watch where you are stepping.• Take shorter, shuffle-like steps.• Keep your arms at your sides (not in yourpockets!).• Concentrate on keeping your balance.• Go S-L-O-W-L-Y.• Visit Alberta Health Services at:

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Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken as made by Willie Wong. Edmonton Seniors Centre presents Ethnic Cooking; a multi-generational interactive experience funded by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program. Download the recipe for sweet and sour chicken or pork below! Aug 21 RecipeDownload

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Falls Prevention

Finding Balance Falls Prevention Month November, 2021 November is Seniors’ Falls Prevention month across Canada. The Injury Prevention Centre developed and coordinates the Finding Balance Program which is an evidence-based education program and public awareness campaign designed to educate and empower older Albertans to stay independent and prevent falls. By sharing free Finding Balance resources with older adults, you can: 1. Reduce falls - the leading cause of injury among seniors 2. Support older adults to remain independent and live a healthy, active life THEME: Keeping Well The Keeping Well booklet was created to help older Albertans to stay well, keep active and stay connected to lower their risk of falling. DOWNLOAD BOOKLET Practitioners’ Day 2021 Falls Prevention Month Weekly Events & Free Resources On behalf of the Injury Prevention Centre (IPC), and our…

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Canada’s First Openly Two-Spirit member of Parliament is from Edmonton Griesbach

Edmonton Griesbach member of Parliament Congratulations to Blake Desjarlais! Two-spirit - tastawiyiniwak in Cree. It means "the in-between people." It is a word that was used to describe Indigenous people with both masculine and feminine spirits and also used to describe someone with same-sex attraction or who is gender diverse. Read more

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Why Inclusion and Diversity Matter

The details of implementation were different – for example the strategies to address Indigenous disadvantage differed markedly to those for people with disability. While the complexities of gender inequality are different to cultural disadvantage. But, the helicopter view of inclusion – the ‘big picture’ issues – were very similar.Peter Downs Inclusion and Diversity matter because companies and organizations understand that the wide range of experiences and perspectives resulting from such diversity promotes innovation and success. Diversity and inclusion makes us creative, productive, responsive, competitive and creates value for everyone. Here are the seven pillars of Diversity and Inclusion: ACCESSAccess explores the importance of a welcoming environment and the habits that create it. This is about what your participants experience when getting to and inside your centre, but it’s more than physical. It’s also about…

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Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) kickstarted Islamic Heritage Month by launching #Hate2Healing The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) kickstarted Islamic Heritage Month by launching #Hate2Healing, a virtual social media campaign, drawing attention to stories of hate, racism & Islamophobia faced by Canadian Muslim women, girls, and non-binary people. A huge premise of Islam is that nobody can judge other humans but Allah. Yet within the Muslim community, homophobia is such a regular part of our conversation. It seeps into our language so thoroughly. We discard our fight for justice when the person is queer. Watch Summeiya as they take you through their journey of what it's like being Queer and Muslim. Summeiya is also the founder of the Queer Muslim Network Toronto, a Community-based organization serving Queer and Trans youth in Toronto and the GTA, check them out at @queermuslimnetwork on Instagram.

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Virtual Health and Wellness Nov 19 and 20th 10am to 3pm

Speakers at Virtual Conference and ThemeThe Theme of this year's Health and Wellness Conference is: Truth and ReconciliationThe speakers include:A Metis Elder who will offer an opening prayer for reconciliationFormer Edmonton Mayor, Stephen Mandel - speaking on self-induced ageism.Metis Nation of Alberta on Health PrioritiesDr. Adrian Wagg, Bowel Health Dr. Donna Wilson on the meaning of pets in the lives of seniorsMetis Nation of Alberta on Smoking CessationDr. Sha Tao - to be announced - In Mandarin with English TranslatorDr Hongmei Tong, To be announced - Watch this space as this presentation is going to be unique There will also be door prizes and vendor presentations.

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A Strategy for Positive Ageing

An Ageing society is a successful society!Today's generation of older persons has seen more significant change than any previous generation.They have experienced the trauma of at least one World War; survived the deprivation of the greatdepression; seen man land on the moon and dealt with a world wide pandemic. They have grown through the industrial age, come to terms with the technological advances of the information age and are now participants in the knowledge age! Their values have survived the medical breakthrough of contraception, cures to a range of'childhood' illnesses which they often experienced, the wonders of modern surgery. Major paradigmshifts which they have witnessed include the changing roles of men and women, the disappearance of'real' money, the blurring of differences between the major political parties and the breakdown offamily life, aided by the…

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