ESC has a surprise for you! Boxing Day Lunch is still on! It isn’t going to look the way it has in the past. As you all know, the Edmonton General cannot allow us to gather 100 people into the dining room to eat and laugh together, but that isn’t stopping ESC and its partners from bringing you a special turkey lunch with all the holiday trimmings on Boxing Day, Saturday, December 26th, between 11 am and 1pm. 

Your meal will be cooked by West End Seniors Activity Centre Chef. It will be delivered to you by Drive Happiness — there is no cost to you for this delivery. It has been paid for by ESC and the Tegler Trust. The Tegler Trust made it possible to bring you entertainment for a half hour that you can access via Zoom while you enjoy your meal. That event happens at noon on the 26th.

It is perfect? No, but please know that we care about all of you and because we care ESC brought together this team to make sure you had your usual Boxing Day Lunch.

It still costs you only $5 and you can register on our website starting Monday, November 23rd. You can only purchase one ticket per person. Please remember that with only 100 tickets, we want to ensure that people who are alone at Christmas are able to participate. If you are purchasing for you and your partner, you can buy two tickets. Because we are limited, we’ve had to make some new guidelines around how many tickets any one person or family can buy. You will receive a receipt, in your email, which is your ticket and will have your Zoom access information, and you’ll need to make sure we have your name, address, and phone number, plus any special instructions needed for the delivery person to access your building. All drivers will be wearing PPE. They can’t come in, please don’t touch them, and they will put your turkey lunch by the door and knock or ring the bell.  The Deadline for tickets is December 16th at midnight.
7oz of Turkey
mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce
a vegetable
a slice of pumpkin pie
+ an extra soup (two meals worth)

All delivered to your door free on Boxing Day by Drive Happiness.  Just heat it up and enjoy.
From the Tegler Trust, ESC, Westend Seniors, ICAN, and Drive Happiness 
Cost: $5
Please invite seniors you know are alone at Christmas to participate in our Boxing Day Lunch. It is a safe and delicious alternative to our old, pre-Covid Boxing Day event. We want you all safe and feeling cared for and this is our way of trying to bring joy to our community of seniors.