New Scam Report

While working on our scam project with the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Edmonton Police Service, the YEG Seniors Alliance, and DynaLife, it came to our attention that there is a new scam that seniors need to be aware of. Here’s the warning: DO NOT throw out your prescription bottles with the labels on. Here’s what scammers are doing with all that information:

The criminals calls the owner of the prescription bottle and the conversation goes like this:

Mrs. Smith, this is the (Name of your Pharmacy). We wanted to let you know that Blue Cross isn’t going to cover the cost of your (Name of medicine) anymore. We checked with your doctor (Name of your doctor) and we can fill your prescription (Number of the prescription) for you if you give me your credit card over the phone. We will send that right over to you. You don’t need to come in.

All the information is on the bottle the senior discarded in the trash. The criminals know that all seniors in Alberta have Blue Cross as an insurer. You will find your credit card maxed out. This is a scam. Protect yourself!

So what are you to do to protect yourself?

  1. You can tear the label off by soaking it first or
  2. You can return the empty bottle to your pharmacy and before you do anything,
  3. You can call your pharmacy and check with them

But, do not put yourself at risk by putting all that information into the hands of criminals.