Seniors’ Week Activities at ESC

1) June 7, Monday at 12 PM, Monday Funday. Join with your lunch. We can eat and laugh together. Shirley has jokes ready to go! Wear a funny hat. Have a story to tell about your hat. Join us by clicking here.

2) June 9, Wednesday at 1 PM for the Tips on How to Be a Supportive Friend. A talk about how to support those around you during difficult times. Join us by clicking here.

3) June 10, Thursday at 3 PM. Drinking Cups Thursday. It’s drinks time. Bring your favourite tea, pop, or whatever… and make sure you put your drink in an unusual container. Be prepared to tell the story behind that container. Bring your jokes. We all need to laugh. (I have a mason jar with my name on it. I’ve heard rumours that Shirley will be drinking from a watering can shaped like a pink elephant… her flowers must be happy.) Join us by clicking here.