Mental Health YouTube Webinars for Seniors

Please check out all the recorded seminars put on by the Government of Alberta on mental health for seniors.

Recorded webinars

Mental health supports and strategies

  • Watch: June 30 webinar recording on YouTube
  • Topic: Managing social isolation, fear of going into the community, and how to access help. This webinar built upon and provided information to supplement the May 4, 2021, Together in Isolation Panel presentation hosted on CORE Alberta that discussed the impacts of social isolation and loneliness. At this presentation, panelists guided participants through some community initiatives that are taking place to address this social issue. Some important questions were answered like:
    • What is the distinction between social isolation and loneliness?
    • How can we build individual, community and systems resiliency?
    • What is the role of the community-based senior serving sector in addressing social isolation and loneliness?
  • Presenters:
    • David Grauwiler (PDF, 296 KB), Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division
    • Heather Roland (PDF, 294 KB), Community and Partnerships Coordinator, Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network
    • Jessica Turowski (PDF, 201 KB), Rural Mental Health Project Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division

Focus on the future

Grief and loss during the pandemic

  • WatchJuly 28 webinar recording on YouTube
  • Topic: Strategies to manage grief and loss for ourselves and those we support. During the pandemic we have not been able to grieve the loss of loved ones, missed out on milestones, and have been separated from the people and activities we love. This session focused on strategies to manage grief and loss for ourselves and those we support. Donna Durand and Lois Faris discussed how to identifying grief and loss and tap into your feelings around loss to allow for grieving. They also discussed strategies for moving through transitions to create the best possible life and how to create or regain your sense of optimism about your life and your future self.
  • Presenters:

Managing burnout and stress

  • WatchAugust 11 webinar recording on YouTube
  • Topic: Resources for caregivers and service providers to support managing burnout and stress. Drawing on the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division’s, Overcoming Mental Health in Global Pandemic webinar, burnout and stress were discussed as they apply to Alberta seniors and those who support their wellbeing.
  • Presenter:
    • Tim Neubauer (PDF, 199 KB), Rural Mental Health Project Coordinator, Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division


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