Do not Share

We charge for courses because we need to make enough money to pay our lovely and very skilled instructors, so when those who have paid, send out the Zoom participation URL to others who have not paid, it hurts the centre and it hurts our instructors. Without income, ESC cannot continue to provide services or pay our valued instructors. 

If your friends are having trouble registering for a course, or the course is now closed, please contact for assistance.

To share the URL puts the centre, instructors, you, and the person you shared at risk. We have risk management requirements for safety and when the URL is given to people who are not registered in our system, it puts us all at risk. When we don’t have the name or the emergency contact information and something happens in a course, we’d have no way to deal with it and be liable for allowing an unregistered person to participate. 

For now, ESC chooses to think of these breaches as mistakes or misunderstandings, so this is our attempt to be as clear as we can be about the consequences of these actions. While we could bar the person who shared and the person with whom the URL was shared, we choose to try to open the doors of communication and help people understand why we have these policies in place, and to ask you to please ensure everyone is safe while attending a course. It’s our way of taking care of each other.

If you or a friend are in financial need, please have them contact our outreach department where they can be assessed for assistance: If they are having issues registering, or are registering late, please contact

If you have questions, contact us at