When is ESC Opening?

So many of you have asked when ESC is opening because you are anxious to see each other. While we wish we had control over the pandemic, it is not over. We work within a continuing care facility that has to take extra steps to ensure the safety of their residents. As many of you know, the General lost 50 people to Covid, so they must act with the highest standards for duty of care. We are working with the General to ensure everyone is safe. One of the ways you can help with this is to get double vaccinated.

As soon as the General gives us permission to open, it will take us several weeks to clean and prepare the spaces.

We cannot ignore the fact that the Delta variant is spreading quickly throughout the world, which means is it more important than ever to get vaccinated — both vaccines. Seniors have been identified as a vulnerable population. We must act on the side of caution as we work to bring us all back together safely.

We have lots planned for when we do open. Many of you have asked if we will have live in-centre classes and remain online? The answer is yes! We will have live classes, and we’ll continue to provide access to online classes and remote learning opportunities will be available. We have had so many new members from outside the City who are now part of our hearts and our community. We would never abandon them! All our seniors, regardless of where the live, are precious to us.

We are excited to see all of you as you are to see us. We miss you!