Telus SCAM written by Dianna Smith-Campbell

Telus IPhone  13 offer scam

I was phoned this morning by a person claiming to be from Telus who told me that Telus was going to give me a free IPhone 13.  This young man was quite personable, but when I asked him questions, he seemed to be taken aback.

He told me that Telus was giving me the iPhone 13 without any fee attached, and without the standard two year contract attached.

This is when I actually started laughing as I asked him more questions. I asked him then if they were giving me the phone for free, and I wasn’t required to have a contract attached to it, then why would Telus do that as they weren’t getting anything out of the deal.  Even though I knew better, getting the new phone sounded soooo attractive.

The deal was too good to be true!

No company gives away merchandise without getting something in return.

As I do with many of the operators I speak to on line, I asked him his name. He told me his name was “John Smith.” I started to laugh again, because although he spoke English very well he had an accent or as he called it an Asian accent, and I said it isn’t usual for an East Indian to have both westernize names. More commonly, for example have a name like Steven Gupta. That would make more sense.  Also, other people have given their first name readily but never their last.

I asked him to phone me back in half an hour so I could talk to my partner. He suggested he would call me back in an hour to give me more time. I then phoned Telus to verify that Telus was giving away iPhone 13s.  I have verified such calls by calling the real company many times before. 

Never give out personal details without knowing it is the real company you are dealing with.

The original scammer never phoned me back.  What a surprise!

Although it took me 15 minutes to get through to Telus it was worthwhile because the real Telus person verified no such offer was being made by them. There was an iPhone 13 offer currently that required sign up for a 2 year Contract and a much higher fee than I am currently paying.

The real Telus person I spoke with told me that many people, especially seniors, are being caught by this scam and giving their personal details to these bogus Telus marketers.  Shame on them!!!