New Memoir Writing Class

This survey is to allow participants to have a voice in how the class is set up. The class is limited to five people, including the instructor to allow for time to share, story tell, and laugh. What you need is pencil and paper or the device you like to write on. The class is virtual, so you’ll be seen and see others, and the class can have no more than 5 people including the instructor.

This class will require at least 15 minutes of instruction per class. It is designed to help you:

  1. Find your unique story and its universal elements,
  2. Discover your favourite structure for your story,
  3. Uncover the beginning, middle and end of your story. Not necessarily in that order!
  4. Write with sensory detail that make your story come to life,
  5. Protect yourself and others when writing memoirs that trigger emotions you hadn’t expected,
  6. Find a theme for your story
  7. Create a title your memoir.
  8. Explore options for Self Publishing

Starts Wednesday, January 12 at 1 pm

Cost for January Classes $25

Writing Prompts provided

Course Outline

This is a 12 week course broken down into weekly bites that are easy to start in the class and finish at home.

Week One: What to consider before you start

Week Two: What about your experiences makes your story unique?

Week Three: Legal, psychological and emotional issues to consider.

Week Four: Options for structuring your story.

Week Five: Finding the soul of your story. What do you want people to know about what you’ve learned in life?

Week Six: Starting points: Photos, poems, funny stories you remember.

Week Seven: Find order in the chaos.

Week Eight: Finding the meaning in your life experiences.

Week Nine: Meaning and voice.

Week Ten: Honesty and recall — what is you aren’t sure you remember it all correctly?

Week Eleven: Writing with all six senses and maybe seven!

Week Twelve: Capturing dialogue in storytelling.

BONUS: Tools for writers and storytellers and options for self-publishing.