ETS Connect March 2021

ETS Connect: March 2021

New bus network: Tune into our livestream!

Let’s talk about the new bus network and On Demand Transit! Email with your questions, and we will answer them LIVE on April 1 at 1 p.m. on YouTube! Please keep your questions and comments respectful.

Go to YouTube to set a reminder to watch live:  

Can’t tune in? Watch it any time on our YouTube channel.

Note: We will not be addressing individual trip plans during the livestream. If you have questions about your trips, send us a private message through Facebook Messenger. Please provide your start and end locations, and when you normally travel, so we can find your best trip plan.

Plan your trip on the new bus network

The launch of the new bus network is less than a month away! Are you excited to see how you will be taking transit starting April 25? Now you can! Just follow these steps:

1.    Go to, or use Transit app or Google Maps

2.    Enter your start/end points

3.    Adjust the date so it’s between April 25-May 1. Please plan your trips accordingly (plan a weekday trip on a weekday).

4.    Preview your future trip

Note: end-to-end trips that include On Demand Transit can only be viewed on Transit app after April 25. If you’re in an On Demand community, go to to find your designated transit hub, and plan your trip using the hub as your start/end point.

If you want a printout of your regular bus routes, PDF brochures are now available.

LRT closures between Clareview & Churchill

In April, crews will start working on the new overhead canopy at Stadium Station. As a result, no trains will be running between Clareview and Churchill between the following dates:

·         April 2 (start of service) until end of service April 4

·         April 9 (at 6pm) until end of service April 11

·         April 16 (at 6pm) until end of service April 18

LRT replacement buses will run every 8 minutes between Clareview and Corona stations using bus stops with red “LRT Replacement” signs. LRT will still run every 15 minutes between Century Park and NAIT stations. For more details, visit

Enhanced security measures

Further enhancing safety & security on transit continues to be a primary focus. Multi-layered enhancements are being deployed, including more police officers, peace officers & security guards.

Did you know?

·         If customers see something suspicious, they can send a text to Transit Watch (780.442.4900) and the ETS Control Centre will respond. 

·         ETS has over 3,800 security cameras on trains, buses and at transit facilities.

·         Blue emergency phones are in every transit centre & LRT station. 

·         Our trains have red & yellow push buttons/strips that connect to the Operator of the train.

Germ killing LRT seats

Remember in January when we said we were getting new germ-killing LRT seats? They’re here! We’re finalizing the installation of these seats in nearly two-thirds of our LRT trains. A germ-killing additive has been incorporated into the plastic, and can reduce up to 99.9 per cent of germs (i.e. bacteria, fungus & viruses).