For Members AGM February 26th at 1pm on Zoom and Phone

You had to have been a member before January 26th of 2021 to participate in the AGM because our by-laws say that all members must be notified 30 days before the annual meeting. The gift cards and meal are for members currently in good standing of ESC who attend the Annual General Meeting of ESC members.

Members can register online for the AGM at:  AGM RESITRATION

Yes, we have to do it over a Zoom Meeting because that is the way to keep everyone safe, but those without internet will receive a paper notice in the mail. Be advised that the AGM will be recorded to ensure accurate voting.

Save the date and please join us.

As a special incentive, the first 40 members to register and attend the entire AGM, will receive a $10 gift card and a frozen Lasagna meal from the Westend Seniors Activity Centre kitchen, delivered to you on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 during the day by Drive Happiness. The Lasagna is the hottest selling meal at the Westend Activity Centre, and we had to make special arrangements to get it for you. But that’s how important our members are to us.

Next week the paper notice will be mailed out and the by-laws and changes that need to be voted on will be online; we’ll send you the URL in the newsletter. For the 146 members who have email, you’ll be getting notice by email for an online practice session for the webinar. The URL for the webinar will be published next week in this newsletter, so stay tuned. It will also be on our website when the registration is launched.

If you don’t have computer access, you can attend by phone. Please see the instructions below. If you have internet access, please use this URL to register: Register Me for the AGM

If you only have a phone, please follow the guide below.